※Other Questions

☆1.How to use 3D Antivirus PRO?

Follow below steps to start 3D Antivirus PRO.

☆2.How to start 3D Antivirus?

Generally, after installation, the default position of 3D Antivirus is on the left side of the 3ds Max. You can start 3D Antivirus or PRO version by clicking the corresponding icon.

☆3.Why is there no response when I click the 3D Antivirus icon on the left?

Since a very few computers missing required system components, it cannot be started normally. If this happens, you can start it in the menu bar.

☆4.How can 3D Antivirus automatically defend or immunize the file against viruses?

3D Antivirus PRO can automatically defend or immunize the file against viruses(Free version can only scan and remove viruses ,defense and immunization functions are not include),The 3D Antivirus PRO can be automatically defended or immunized when the corresponding function has been enabled once. (The functions DO NOT need to be enabled again unless you reinstalled 3ds Max or reinstalled operating system)
The following 3 defense and immunization modes correspond to the defense and immunization functions achieved:
1、Only defense without immunization. There will be a message to prompt the user whether the virus, if any, in the scene is cleared; (mainly targeting at known viruses)

2、Only immunization without defense. Any virus in the scene will be cleared automatically without a prompt; (mainly targeting at unknown viruses)

3、Both defense and immunization are enabled. Any virus in the scene will be cleared automatically without a prompt; (targeting at known and any unknown viruses, recommended)

☆5.Why does virus still exist even though I have done virus scanning and removal?

Because most of the 3ds Max viruses are usually saved in the scene. A new scene with viruses that is re-opened will automatically infect the current scene if the defense or immunization function is not enabled even though the viruses in the current scene have been removed. Therefore, it is highly recommended to enable the defense or immunization function so that it can prompt you or automatically remove any viruses before it attacks.

☆6.How can I know that the defense or immunization function has been enabled for the 3ds Max?

As long as at least one of the defense or immunization modes is enabled, there will be a prompt for the mode enabled when you opening the 3ds Max. If you see the following prompt, it will indicate that the defense or immunization function has been enabled for the current scene, and your scene is being protected.

☆7.Do I still need to save the scene manually after virus removal?

No, if the viruses contained in the scene are removed, the 3D Antivirus or 3D Antivirus PRO will automatically save the scene once to ensure no virus in the scene. Otherwise, viruses will still exist in the scene when it is opened next time if the scene is not saved after virus removal.

☆8.Will virus removal destroy my scene? Will it damage my computer?

No, the virus is also a piece of executable code. Removing the viruses only removes the part containing the virus code, so please rest assured that the remaining normal scene will be neither changed or impacted.

☆9.Can the lights or materials deleted from the infected scene be recovered?

Sorry, theoretically, it cannot be recovered by any software, because the current mainstream virus will automatically delete lights, materials and other things after the attack, and force the scene to be saved after the deletion, so that the deleted parts cannot be recovered. Therefore, you can only prevent the destruction of the viruses by enabling the defense or immunization on the premise of ensuring that the scene is not damaged, or you will suffer a big loss as the data is priceless and cannot be recovered once it is destroyed, so it is strongly recommended to enable defense or immunization.

☆10.Can an infected 3ds Max be repaired by reinstalling it?

Generally, it can’t be fixed, because the mainstream 3ds Max viruses are saved in the scene, so reinstalling the 3ds Max will not help. It will be infected again when the infected scene is opened, and the 3ds Max will become abnormal again. At present, only the professional cleaner such as 3D Antivirus can be used to remove them.

☆11.Will the 3D Antivrius PRO automatically clear any virus in the scene when it is enabled?

Yes, if you have an 3D Antivrius PRO account, please make sure that at least one of the following modes is enabled to prompt you or automatically clear any virus in the scene:

☆12.Can it solve the problem that the scene suddenly becomes very large and slow?

If the scene contains viruses, it will automatically clean and speed up scene while removing the viruses. If the scene does not contain viruses, we can use the clean tool to manually clean the scene:

☆13.What can I do if my 3D is not working properly? Can it be fixed?

Sometimes our 3ds Max suddenly becomes abnormal for various reasons (such as virus destruction). If it is confirmed that there is no virus to cause the abnormal 3ds Max operation, you can try the one-click fix tool to quickly recover the 3ds Max back to default state without reinstalling it. Generally, it can fix common 3ds Max problems and will neither affect the plugins already installed or the use of 3ds Max:

☆14.Why can’t I install the 3D Antivirus and drag it into 3ds Max when installing?

This is generally caused by admin privileges of the operating system, especially Windows 10 (Windows 10 sometimes is automatically upgraded in the background, which is easy to cause this issue after restart). Please try to the drop elevated privileges tool below, run it by double click after downloading, and restart your computer and try again:

Please download from below:(Double-click to use)

☆15.Can the 3D Antivirus PRO still automatically defend against viruses after I close the opened 3D Antivirus PRO interface?

Yes, please don’t worry. It will remain effective and defend in real time in the background as long as it has been enabled once.

⊙1.Can one purchased 3D Antivirus PRO account be logged in to several computers at the same time?

In order to protect the account security, one account can only be logged in on one computer at a time. When it is logged in on other computers at the same time, a prompt message window of logging in at another place will be shown in this computer. The account login is not bound to the computer, and one account can be logged in on any computer.

⊙2.How can I turn on the membership options of the 3D Antivirus (defense and immunization)?

If you have an 3D Antivirus PRO account, please switch to 3D Antivirus PRO. After logging in, the membership options will be available (defense and immunization can be enabled).

⊙3.Why does 3D Antivirus still show the need for PRO version even if I have logged in the 3D Antivirus PRO account?

If you have an 3D Antivirus PRO account, you only need to use PRO version from now on, because the functions of PRO version will be more advanced, containing strong scanning and removal + active defense and immunization functions, while free version only has the searching and killing scanning and removal functions.

⊙4.Is it enough to directly reinstall the 3D Antivirus PRO and log in my account in case of reinstalling the operating system or 3ds Max?


※1.Will 3D Antivirus be upgraded for free?

Yes, because there will be a variety of new viruses in the future, and it can better deal with new viruses and ensure the security of 3ds Max only by upgrading.

※2.What 3ds Max versions and operating systems does the 3D Antivirus support?

Support versions higher than 3ds Max 2009 (some computers do not support 3ds Max 2010), and 64-bit operating systems such as Win7/Win8/Win10.

※3.Does the 3D Antivirus need other platforms to run?

No, the 3D Antivirus itself is a pure 3ds Max plugin that runs directly in a pure 3ds Max environment and works without any other plugins.